January: UN Sustainable Goal 1 End poverty in all forms everywhere

UN SDG 1 End poverty in all its forms everywhere. More than 700 million people, or 10 per cent of the world population, still live in extreme poverty today, struggling to fulfil the most basic needs like health, education, and access to water and sanitation, to name a few. As we start a new year it is a good time to reflect on small and big issues locally, nationally and internationally. This seminar will introduce a range of issues around poverty and the discussion after will give the opportunity to consider possible actions to recommend. The seminar will be led by Clive Wilson (Chair, UNA Greater Lincolnshire) and Sue Fortune (CEO, Lincolnshire Community Foundation) Lincolnshire Community Foundation was founded in 2002 and is dedicated to serving the diverse county of Lincolnshire; delivering positive environmental/societal change and, most importantly, positive outcomes for people and places. To date (2022) they have distributed over £14M to over 4,000 charities, community groups and organisations throughout Greater Lincolnshire, with emphasis on small grants delivering a big difference. These grants have helped groups tackle issues such as child poverty, loneliness and isolation, food poverty, homelessness, access to services, addiction, unemployment and many other unique and individual needs that exist across Lincolnshire’s places.

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