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All people everywhere seek to improve their lives. However decisions made by past generations have created significant challenges for the next generations globally and locally. Many now are looking how they can be an integral part of a finding solutions to the issues around; Health, Education, Energy, Environmental sustainability, Water, Food poverty, Food security, Inequalities, Growth and employment, Governance, Conflict, Violence and Disaster, and Population dynamics.

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Communities are also increasingly becoming indignant at the injustice they see and feel because of growing inequalities and insecurities. Individuals want to know the part they can play in their locality alongside the actions they expect of national and international governance. They want social and economic decisions made by individuals and organisations to encourage economic growth without compromising the planet and the well-being of future generations.

In addition. the global, social, economic and environmental challenges we face are now impacted by Covid 19. In better and best practice locally and around the world, governments are beginning to realise that by empowering communities, innovative solutions can be found.

Modern supply chains for goods and services show us how connected and inter-dependent we are and our communications networks connect us globally. New thinking and action driven by local people and communities to transform society, build resilience, mitigate conflict, and achieve sustainable development can now be easily shared and replicated.

Place based social action works. In placing the UN Sustainable Development Goals within strategic and development planning and creating dialogue between local communities, business and education there will be positive outcomes for people and planet.

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