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'In 2050 we will look back to a turning point in the 2020s where we asked, “what does a good life look like for everyone?”. We will be proud to have taken rapid and decisive action to deploy technologies, policies, and our collective skills to set us on a path to meet our own, local version of the UN sustainable development goals set out in this vision'
Greater Lincolnshire Devolvement Proposal

Greater Lincolnshire's diverse economy covers a range of sectors that touch on and impact all of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Business decisions drive actions on the use of and impact on all resources and can be a force for good. New thinking and action can embrace Circular Economy principles and promote all aspects of sustainable development.

Business Lead: John Firth

Resources and Organisations to Support Business

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation: Circular Economy

Doughnut Economics Action Lab:

UK Business Council for Sustainable Development:

UNA-GL has established a link with the OPEN UNIVERSITY. There are 'free' courses on sustainability available via their Open Learn Platform. Please see the links below:

Interested in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how you could innovate in your business - 
Sustainable innovations in enterprises - OpenLearn - Open University

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CPD Standards Office accredited learning on OpenLearn - OpenLearn - Open University

There are over 1000 courses available from the Open University  - 
Open Learning - OpenLearn - Open University 

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The Agri-Food sector, covering agriculture, food manufacturing and processing is one of the county’s key economic assets. 70% of the nation’s Fish is processed in Greater Lincolnshire as well as the county holding more Grade 1 agricultural land than anywhere else in England. The growing Low Carbon Economy is already worth £1.2bn per annum and employs over 12,000 people and the south bank of the Humber lies at the centre of an emerging offshore wind market. The county’s expanding health and care sector, employing 58,000 people, supports an ageing population across dispersed towns and villages across Greater Lincolnshire.

Across all sectors of the economy, business has an important role in fulfilling the ambitions of the SDGs.

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