Who we are

The people behind UNA Greater Lincolnshire.

The UNA Greater Lincolnshire founding group was established on 13 August 2020. It had taken over a year as smaller and bigger conversations between a group of interested people led to the conclusion that it was time for new thinking and action in Greater Lincolnshire to promote the attainment of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

As Covid struck and social distancing became the new norm it became evident that the best next step was to create a digital platform. This would enable those in lead roles in education, business, and community to freely engage, gain information and willingly share their current better and best practice in promoting the attainment of UN 2030 SDG's. In particular the hope is that new thinking and actions will be stimulated by getting a bigger conversation going between all parties and individuals. 

Key Contacts 

Clive Wilson, Chair:  clive.wilson007@gmail.com

Bert Moore, Secretary: secretaryunagl@gmail.com

Dr David Whittaker, Treasurer: whittaker.d@hotmail.co.uk

Patrons: Clifford Spencer, Janice Spencer
Trustees: Bert Moore, Clive Wilson, David Whittaker, John Firth, Jane Salt, Mark Fenty, Shane Trail

UNA-GL Ambassadors

In October 2023 the Trustees decided to create the opportunity for informed and experienced individuals to volunteer as UNA-GL Ambassadors. Ambassadors are listed below with their interests and email contact details. Please make direct contact if you think they can assist your work or thinking.

Dan Clayton:  dan.clayton@tiscali.co.uk

Ian Bates: ian.bates@open.ac.uk

Luke Bamforth: lukebamforth123@gmail.com

Dr Geeta Lakshmi: glakshmi@lincon.ac.uk 
Specific interests:
Climate Action (SDG13), Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG12), Partnership for the Goal (SDG 17)

Dr Redouane Sarrakh: RSarrakh@lincoln.ac.ukSpecific Interests:
Sustainable Strategic Management, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, leading change towards sustainability

Felicia Linch: Felicia.Linch@wilkinchapman.co.uk
Specific Interests: Sustainability, Governance, and ESG in Business and Community 




Ambassador UNA Greater Lincolnshire CIC Role

To promote, advocate and support the ambitions of the United Nations and UNA Greater Lincolnshire as individuals in your personal role as consumer, producer/at work and citizen.

To challenge and engage in new thinking and action on your own and with others to promote attainment of the UN 2030 Goals

To support and mentor others who are engaged in new projects and initiatives developed by UNA GL and its membership

To share better and best practice in education, business and community that promotes the attainment of the UN 2030 Goals

To be a member of the review and reference group of UNA GL

If you are interested in becoming a UNA-GL Ambassador please contact:
Bert Moore, Secretary: secretaryunagl@gmail.com



UNA GL members are mindful of their legal responsibilities when engaging with young people and vulnerable adults. There is a general code of conduct and a specific safeguarding statement.
(Click links below to view or download)

Code of Conduct                                    Safeguarding
Clive Wilson

Chair clive.wilson007@gmail.com

Shane Traill

Digital Engagement Lead shane@firstmedia.co.uk

Clifford Spencer


Bert Moore

Secretary secretaryunagl@gmail.com

Mark Fenty

Community Lead mark.fenty@gmail.com

Jane Salt

Education Lead janesalt999@gmail.com

David Whittaker

Treasurer whittaker.d@hotmail.co.uk

Janice Spencer


John Firth

Business Lead johnfirth@outlook.com

Sustainable Development Goals

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