March: SDG 8 : The systematic alignment of purposeful workplaces to our global agenda.

This is a joint UNA Greater Lincolnshire and UNA Harrogate event. Clive Wilson MSc FCIPD FCMI (UNA Harrogate Chair) is author of a number of books including “Designing the Purposeful World – the Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for humanity”. He is a consultant with Primeast Ltd in Harrogate where he specialises in Purposeful Leadership, which he defines as “consciously creating the conditions for a better future”. He is also visiting lecturer on Purposeful Leadership with a number of universities and business schools in the UK and overseas. In this workshop, Clive will discuss the importance of SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth) as a lever to the delivery of the full suite of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Linked to this, we will explore the nature of purpose in the workplace, especially in the context of the significant challenges facing humanity, from pandemic to climate change. We will examine society’s response in the form of five major disruptions to the world as we know it and the prevailing workplace global agenda, now principally in the form of the seventeen SDGs. In concluding, we will be challenged to articulate how we are aligning to the better future we all need and desire.

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