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My World Our World 2030 by Clive Wilson

My World Our World 2030 (MWOW 2030) is an activity for all and for all ages. We are asking 3 generations ( Grandparent age, Parent age and Grandchild age) to form a team to make a difference to the world for the next generation. By working across generations we hope that understanding and wisdom are shared and actions are taken individually and collectively. If this is done on a yearly basis up to 2030 we will see small steps becoming big strides. It a bit like REAL new year resolutions all through the year.

All you need to do is get the three generations together and talk about the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Then follow the instructions on the download below.

There are 193 Nations who have signed up to action to achieve these goals and by getting involved, learning and taking action, however small,  you will be making sure that where you live the Government is accountable. When your share your actions with us and we show it on our website you will inspire others to take part.


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We're keen to get new people involved in the UNA Greater Lincolnshire, if you want to help make a difference then please get in touch.

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