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My World Our World 2030

My World Our World 2030 (MWOW 2030) is an activity for all and for all ages. We are asking 3 generations ( Grandparent age, Parent age and Grandchild age) to form a team to make a difference to the world for the next generation. By working across generations we hope…

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WEBINAR: Catch up on 'Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions' - Bert Moore

Our February live webinar is now online, 'Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions' took place on February 23rd with a great session from Bert Moore, Founder Member of GL UNA.  

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WEBINAR: Catch up on 'Climate Change: Net Zero is Not Enough!' - John Firth of Acclimatise Online seminar

Our first live webinar, 'Climate Change: Net Zero is Not Enough!' took place on the January 26th with a great session from John Firth of Acclimatise. The live recording of the webinar is below.  

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UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the Circular Economy

I was educated as an Economist. I was taught about how markets work and how markets can best answer the questions of what to produce, how to produce and how to distribute goods and services. Natural resources were available for humans to exploit to increase living standards. At times the…

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United Nations Association Greater Lincolnshire Launched

Twenty third of October 2020 at 12 noon is the official public launch of the UNA Greater Lincolnshire. Because of the COVID regulations the format is a ‘vitual’ launch. Hosted on Zoom by David Regler (Business Lead) and supported via the digital platform that has been created by Shane Traill…

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Sustainable Development Goals

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